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Wednesday May 17, 2017

Useful tips on crafting an email for an effective outcome.

Choose a relevant headline.  Consider including order numbers or references relevant to the topic. This allows both parties to quickly place the email in context.

Take time to consider an appropriate subject line. Perhaps it needs an adjustment before hitting reply?

Before clicking send, take a breather and review objectively. Is the email clear and concise? Could it be construed as offensive? Does it convey all that needs to be said? Especially to avoid long email chains. 

If the task is long running, hit reply to let the recipient know it is being worked on and it's completion date. People usually expect to receive a reply within 24 hours.

Consider whether the email is relevant and useful to all listed recipients. Hassling people with superfluous information clutters inboxes and adversely effects productivity.

If the email has the potential for a colleague to be seen in a negative light, consider carefully who should be included as recipients. CC’ing the boss to give force to an email is an aggressive move and is unlikely to be received kindly.